North American Titles

Compendium of Grape Diseases
Ed. Roger Pearson $78.00 93p. APS press 4th printing 1998 stapled. 188 colour photos, symptoms, causal organisms, diseases cycle, and control. 3 Copies Available
Concepts in Wine Technology
Yair Margalit. $52.00 2004 Hb. 263p. Reflects Wine technology and operations (1990) a handbook from ‘pre-harvest to ‘bottling’. 1 Copy Available
Concepts in Wine Chemistry
Yair Margalit $112.00 2004 2nd ed. Hb. 476p. Fully revised and updated.. 2 Copies Available
General Viticulture
Winkler, Cook, Kliewer etc $84.00 710.p Revised and enlarged 1997 [not on hand] All authors from the department of viticulture & ecology U of Cal. Davis. 1 Copy Available
Knowing and Making Wine
Emile Peynaud $145.00 Hb. 391p. English translation from French 1984 / Classic account of wine making techniques and appreciation. 1 Copy Available
Northern Winework
Thomas Plocher $44.00 2001 pb. 178p. Growing grapes and making wine in cold climates. 1 Copy Available
Oregon Viticulture
Ed. Edward Hellman $54.00 2003 264p. Revised and enlarged Growers Guide for current and prospective growers. 4 Copies Available
Principles and Practices of Winemaking
Bisson/Boulton/Kunkee/Singleton $oo. Backordered
Taste of Wine
Emile Peynaud $45.00 Hb. 1987 eng. Translation 258p. A winemakers’ winemaker. A classic guide to wine tasting and wine appreciation. 2 Copies Available
James E. Wilson $52.00 1998 HB 336p. The roll of geology, climate, and culture in the making of French wines. 4 Copies Available
The University Wine Course
Marian Baldy $43.00 1997. pb. 426p. A professional wine appreciation and self tutorial test. 3 Copies Available
Wine Analysis and Production
Zoecklein & Fugelsang $oo. 1999 Hb. 621p. 1 Used Copy Available, enquire for price
A Wine Growers Guide
Philip Wagner $25.00 228p. pb. ed. 1996. A best selling practical guide to wine cultivation. 2 Copies Available
Wine Microbiology
Ken C. Fugelsang $142.00 1997 Hb. 245p. Step by step procedures to characterize bacteria and yeast. 2 Copies Available
The Wine Project
Ronald Irving & Walter Clore 1997 $49.00 pb. 456p. Washington States’ wine making history. 1 Copy Available
Wine Science
Ron S. Jackson $200.00 2000 2nd Ed. HB 648p. (St Catherine’s Ontario) Principles Practice, Preparation. 1 Copy Available
Winery Technology and Operations
Dr. Yair Margalit $35.00 revised 2003 pb. 230p. A handbook for small wineries. 4 Copies Available

Australian / New Zealand Titles

Advances in Juice Clarification
– seminar – Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology $26.00 1996 Ed.Allan/Laeke/Baldwin stapled 48p. 2 Copies Available
Climate: Monographs in Cool Climate Viticulture #2
David Jackson 2001 $40.00 80p. 2 Copies Available
Chemical analysis of Grapes and Wine – Techniques & Concepts
$154.00 2004 109p. Spiral bound & laminated. ***These two offerings are revised and enlarged; previously, techniques of chemical analysis and quality monitoring*** 0 Copies Available
Cooperage for Winemakers
Schahinger & Rankine $40.00 2005 p/b 112p. A manual on the construction, maintenance, and use of wine barrels. 2 Copies Available
Diseases and Pests; Grape Production Series No. 1
$62.00 revised 2000 Spiral bound 106p. 1 Copy Available
Australian/New Zealand Field Guide to Pests and Disorders of Grapes
$35.00 2000 spiral Companion to ‘Diseases & Pests’ above - Laminated Pocket Guide of 327 colour photos. 13 Copies Available
Flying Wine Makers: The New World of Wine
Andrew Williams $22.00 1995 66p. Global overview of sulfur wine makers; William lives in Wales UK. 1 Copy Available
Irrigation of Vineyards
Ian Goodwin $20.00 1995 stapled 56p. Efficient application of water to maximize prophet and minimize environmental degradation. 3 Copies Available
Making Good Wine
Bryce Rankine $48.00 2004 fully revised and updated 318p. A classic best selling manual of winemaking practice, aimed at new people entering the wine industry. 6 Copies Available
Microbiological Analysis of Grapes & Wine: Techniques and Concepts
Iland,Grbin, Grinbergs, Schmidke & Soden, $154.00 2006 Spiral bound and laminated The role of Microbiology in winemaking- Yeast, Bacteria, Sanitation, Sampling, Health, Media Techniques and Procedures. 3 Copies Available
Micro Irrigation of Vines & Fruit Trees
Peter Mitchel and Ian Goodwin $40.00 1996 pb.. 174p. Theory and practice, choosing, designing & installing. 0 Copies Available
Monitoring the Wine Making Process from Grapes to Wine – Techniques & Concepts
Patrick Iland et al. $155.00 2004 116p. Spiral bound & laminated. 2 Copies Available
Orchard & Vineyard Spraying Handbook for Australia & New Zealand
Geoffrey Furness, Russell Pietsch & Assoc., $45.00 2006 stapled 54p. .Distance based calibration, checking effectiveness of dosing, maximizing sprayers. Out of Stock
Precision Viticulture
Proffitt/Bramley/Lamb/Winter $50.00 2006 Spiral bd 90p. A new era in vineyard management and wine production. 1 copy Available
Production of Grapes & Wine in Cool Climates
David Jackson $50.00 revised 1994 193p. 6 Copies Available
Grape growing in the north & south hemispheres
Profitability of investing in a Small Vineyard and Winery
Dakis/Hayes/Noon/Whiting/Everett $30.00 2001 stapled 31p. A report on the assessment of profitability of vineyard and/or small wineries. Out of Stock
Pruning and Training Monographs in Cool Climate Viticulture #1
David Jackson $30.00 Revised 2001 68p. 5 Copies Available
Refrigeration for Wineries
White/Aldman/Rankine $35.00 1998 with corrections 96p. Principles and uses of ~ a practical and troubleshooting guide for this main capital expense. Out of Stock
Sunlight into Wine
Richard Smart $63.00 1991 Spiral bound 88p. Handbook for grape canopy management. 5 Copies Available
5th International Symposium on Cool Climate Viticulture & Oenology. Compact Disc
Jan 2002 Melbourne $50.00 Proceedings on phylloresea management. 1 Copy Available
Taming the Screw
Tyson Stelzer, Wine Titles Press, $110.00 2005 300p.
Detailed technical discussions of the screw cap and bottle, reasons for choosing caps, bottling, capping handling storage and aging. 4 Copies Available
Using Grapevine Rootstocks – The Australian Perspective
Peter May $28.00 1997 reprint stapled 62p. History of rootstocks, use-al aspects + 260 references. Out of Stock
Vines for Wines
Geo Kerridge $35.00 2005 98p. From the consumers point of view, 85 varieties & color photos, wines and blends, overall characters, Tasting terms and notes for each. 1 Copy Available
Viticulture Ed. Dry & Coombe Vol. 1 Recourses
2nd Ed 2004 $90.00 pb. 255p. 50% extended with new material, emphasizing basic principles supported by scientific research. 2 Copies Available
Viticulture Ed. Dry & Coombe Vol. 2 Practices
1995 ed. $00 pb. 384P 2004 reprint not on hand [Revised edition] 2 Copies Available
Wine Drinkers Guide to the Vineyard
David Jackson $32.00 2004 139p. Taste, aroma, verities, tenor, light, pests and pruning influences, plus 6 men of influence internationally. Out of Stock
Wine from 100 Vines
– John Dixon $33.00 pb. 104p. How to establish a small private vineyard and produce quality red and white wines from the harvest. 1 Copy Available
Wine Grape Varieties
Geo Kerridge $50.00 205p. Rev Ed 2004 Details 90 verities --- 3 photos for each. Out of Stock
Winegrape Berry Sensory Development in Australia
Erika Winter/John Whiting $40.00 2004 64p spiral bound Guide for assessing berries for ripeness and harvest scheduling. 3 Copies Available
Wine Spectrum
Chris Somers, Australian Wines Press, $35.00 1998 135p. An approach towards objective definition of wine quality. 1 Copy Available
Winery Wastewater Handbook
Jeanette Chapman $40.00 2001 127p. Examines the chemical nature of wastewater, its impacts, handling, and disposal. Out of Stock
Winery Wastewater Compact Disc
Jeanette Chapman $25.00 2001 127p. Examines the chemical nature of wastewater, its impacts, handling, and disposal. 2 Copies Available
Wine, Terroir and Climate Change
John Gladstones $57.00 2011 280p. For anyone interested in the future interaction between climate, climate change and viticulture. 3 Copies Available


British Titles

Understanding Wine Technology
David Bird $00 New Ed 2005 265p. The science of wine explained by a chartered chemist and master of wine. 2 Copies Available
Grape Varieties
Dr. Pierre Galet $14.00 English. translation ed 2001 (Hachte) Agricultural engineer & lecturer –identify vines, range of flavors, cultivation. Out of Stock

French Titles

Practical Aspects of Wine Corkage
Jean-Micheal Riboulet $70.00 1994 256p. 2 Copies Available