Australian / New Zealand Titles

Advances in Juice Clarification– seminar – Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology
$26.00 1996 Ed.Allan/Laeke/Baldwin stapled 48p. 2 Copies Available
Chemical analysis of Grapes and Wine – Techniques & Concepts
$154.00 2004 109p. Spiral bound & laminated. ***These two offerings are revised and enlarged; previously, techniques of chemical analysis and quality monitoring*** 0 Copies Available
Diseases and Pests; Grape Production Series No. 1
$62.00 revised 2000 Spiral bound 106p. 1 Copy Available
Australian/New Zealand Field Guide to Pests and Disorders of Grapes
$35.00 2000 spiral Companion to 'Diseases & Pests' above - Laminated Pocket Guide of 327 colour photos. 13 Copies Available
Microbiological Analysis of Grapes & Wine: Techniques and Concepts
Iland,Grbin, Grinbergs, Schmidke & Soden, $154.00 2006 Spiral bound and laminated The role of Microbiology in winemaking- Yeast, Bacteria, Sanitation, Sampling, Health, Media Techniques and Procedures. 3 Copies Available
Monitoring the Wine Making Process from Grapes to Wine – Techniques & Concepts
Patrick Iland et al. $155.00 2004 116p. Spiral bound & laminated. 2 Copies Available
Sunlight into Wine
Richard Smart $63.00 1991 Spiral bound 88p. Handbook for grape canopy management. 5 Copies Available
Taming the Screw
Tyson Stelzer, Wine Titles Press, $110.00 2005 300p. Detailed technical discussions of the screw cap and bottle, reasons for choosing caps, bottling, capping handling storage and aging. 4 Copies Available<
Winegrape Berry Sensory Development in Australia
Erika Winter/John Whiting $40.00 2004 64p spiral bound Guide for assessing berries for ripeness and harvest scheduling. 3 Copies Available