After growing up in Malaysia and then pursuing an education in New Zealand, Roz relocated to Canada in 1978. Roz has worked for the Book Shop for nearly 18 years. With an almost encyclopeadic knowledge of authors and titles and a bartender's interest in the comings and goings of regular patrons, she is central to the Book Shop experience.

Here are some new books Roz suggests. These titles are ones she's actually read! No kidding around.


The Scold's Bridle
Minette Walters

'An atmosphere of tantalizing, overpowering menace... The tradition of the English whodunnit has passed into the safe hands and dangerous imagination of Minette Walters' The Times

A Recipe for Bees
Gail Anderson-Dargatz

Roz read this title before all the hype started, and says that it made her laugh and cry. It also gave her some insights into Canadian Prairie life that she hadn't truly appreciated before.

'This is a haunting, stunning debut... A multi-layered tale of power and suspense.' The Toronto Star