Online from 1995 to 2008. Open since 1974.

The Book Shop currently does not sell through any online marketplace, with an uncertain inclination to continue in a tradition that has closed more doors than it has opened. For now, our stock remains available to our walk in customers and direct inquiries. The remaineder of this page serves as a marker for those halcyon days.

Among the first to embrace the internet as an effective platform on which to market used and out-of-print books, The Book Shop has been selling books online to a world-wide customer base since early 1995. In that time period, over 26,000 books have been shipped to destinations in over 50 countries. Individuals, as well as institutions, universities, colleges and libraries on just about every continent receive well packaged/protected books in a timely fashion. Accurate and consistent descriptions of our online catalogued titles are provided. Entries contain detailed information about the publication, contents, subject and physical condition of each book. We check emails several times per day and respond promptly to all orders and inquiries. All books are packaged to prevent crushing, bumping and any other potential damage that can be incurred during shipment. The Book Shop lists online stock with The Advanced Book Exchange (ABE), Bookavenue, Alibris, zShops and Marketplace, and Barnes & Noble Used and Rare Books.